Buzz Talk Cambodia

Breaking the stigma on LGBT+ in Cambodia through constructive dialog and storytelling by aspiring journalists.

#BeAnOptimistForOther is our first social media campaign which energizes the sense of positivity and supportive language in the community, especially youth toward LGBT+ people.

#TogetherWithPride is our second social media campaign which aims to push for constructive dialogue on LGBT+ topic among young people in Cambodia by anecdote their life corner.

#BuzzTalkKhJourney will bring 15 participants through journalism, and gay rights advocacy trainings to enhance their understanding and skills along with community sites visit.

Our Beliefs

We believe in a world where young people are encouraged; they can create an inclusive and insightful future. Therefore, our mission is to initiate an engagement platform for young people to enhance their capability and leadership through innovative and participatory citizenship social projects.

About I Act Cambodia

Who We Are

I Act Cambodia represents a symbol of ACTION. I Act Cambodia youth-group was established with the aim to inspire and empower Cambodia youth to make their action out loud. With encouragement, we firmly believe they will be inspired by potential experts who are able to push them to involve more in volunteering works and utilize their leadership to implement further initiatives within their community.

Our mission is to create a social platform where young leader can mobilize their interpersonal skills and leadership capacity to join and provide more practical solutions and advocate for more educational programs that are able to address social issues and generate positive impacts for the community.



I Act 2017 Programme

Initially, I Act 2017 Programme was initiated with the purpose to empower young Cambodians to advocate for corruption-free society through the voice of responsible citizens.

At a two-day learning camp, participants were equipped with knowledge of the concepts of good governance and integrity. They also got to learn about the peace leadership dialogue from the lenses of three root causes: peace, conflict, and violence.

With the support from I Act Cambodia, after the end of the program, our participants had utilized their knowledge from what they had learned from the learning camp by organizing numerous aspiring initiatives to empower their community.

I Act Conference

I Act Conference was commenced with the belief that “Together, good citizens for the betterment of community lives.”

With the aim to inspired university students in Phnom Penh to understand about the role of good citizens through volunteerism, I Act Conference is a one-day conference where our participants had learned about the significance of youth involvement in social movement and gained many aspiring initiative ideas for self-development while simultaneously also enhancing the young people’s leadership.

The Team

Sovannarong Tim

Project Leader

Sovannarong is a young community advocate who believes in the collective voice of youth. His dream is to see an inclusive world for his generation, and the next. After seeing the challenges of the LGBTQI community in Cambodia, Sovannarong is stepping up to join the global community in fighting for LGBTQI rights, and demanding fair and equal treatment for all.

Nakren Keo

Secretary and Creativity Support

Nakren is an ambivert who believes that through the power of change, perseverance, and determination everything is possible. He loves meeting new friends and people from all aspects of life, and exploring new ideas and knowledge to better understand different cultures, traditions, and the world.

Socheata Horng

Treasurer and Engagement Support

Cheata is a senior, majoring in International Relations at the RUPP. Despite being an introvert, she has involved with numerous volunteer activities. Throughout her journey, she realizes that change doesn’t happen overnight; it is a continual process, and youth has a critical role in bringing either positive or negative changes on society through their courageous behavior.

Sreypich Sovan

Content Creator and Media Support

Sreypich is a sophomore, majoring in Media and Communication at RUPP. As a young generation, Sreypich firmly believes in the power of young people to normalize the future of community inclusion where all people respect and value human being and diversity.

Pichmony Thay

Content Creator and Program Support

Pichmony, a graduating tourism student who works full time as a science teacher. Pichmony considers himself a mental health advocate and an LGBT activist. That would be his main focuses but he also joined other essential such as environmentally friendly movement. His vision is to not see a world of black and white but all colors of the rainbow.