Buzz Talk Cambodia is a youth dialogue platform that aims to break the stigma on LGBT+ in Cambodia through constructive dialog and storytelling by future journalists.

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Society Corners Behind Buzz Talk Cambodia

“According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. Everyone, regardless of their gender, deserves to remain free without having to be subjected to any individuals or groups.”

However, it can be seen that Cambodia society still treats people differently based on their gender stereotypes. Various issues have been entrenched while the silence has remained. Discrimination in the workplace is another common issue, as many organizations refused to hire individuals because of their sexual orientation. Most importantly, this group of people has been bullied or made fun of for how they behave or simply how they look, even if it is in public places.

Community Mobilizing For Inclusion Purpose

As one of 2020 YSEALI Seed Grant Awarded projects, this project aims to promote awareness regarding gay rights through story narrations from the LGBT+ groups, believing it would help reduce the stigma that brought this conservative society, especially labeled, and discriminated against them. In the hope that the story will inspire the LGBT+ group to let them come out of their closet and fight for their equal rights, storytelling will be narrated in various ways including conducting the interview, blogging, and also animation podcasting. 

These stories will be collected from three provinces in Cambodia including Siem Reap province, Battambang province, Kratie province by the youth reporters who are passionate about civic engagement, committed to learning about the LGBT+’s stories, and highly interested in working in writing blogs. Participating youths will undergo various training to equip themselves with numerous skills – interviewing, blogging, and basic photography and videography skills which will prepare them to be ready before visiting the community sites in those three provinces where LGBT+ groups live. Hence, the participants will be able to hear the real stories, experiences, and challenges that LGBT+ group has been encountered.

Throughout the journey, these aspiring young journalists will be able to generate the buzz which help other people to see further beauty in the lives of LGBT+ people.

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