Youth-led Initiative Projects are the projects that were initiated by the participants of I ACT 2017 Programme. They were divided into a small group of 5-6 people to create their own channel in promoting their projects and deliver key messages to their community through social media platforms. 

Open Access to Integrity

“Open Access to Integrity” is a whole morning training that aims to provide 20 youths with a basic understanding of personal integrity, transparency, and corruption in Cambodia. Additionally, it provides information to youths on how and where to report corruption safely in case they were to encounter one in their community. All 20 youths that joined the training understand very clearly about ways to report corruption cases when they face ones in their community. The 20 participants were expected to share what they have learned from the training, as well as their knowledge on how and where to report corruption. Their understanding of integrity will also help to sustain the goal of the implemented project. 

Good Youth Good Citizen

“Good Youth, Good Citizen” is a half-day workshop aims to allow youths to learn on how to be a good citizen and improve the capacity for their future. The project’s purpose is to build youth capacity by strengthening their self-study and reading skills as well as to let them know about the youth responsibility in society and the basic concept of integrity. They have reached out to 26 youths, 14 of the amounts are from the orphanage center and 10 more are from various universities in Phnom Penh. Besides, the future vision of this project is to help alleviate the negative perspectives of people in their community through a practical training platform. 

I Found My Passion Through Volunteering

“I Found My Passion Through Volunteering” is a half-day interactive workshop which targets high school students from grade 10 – 11 and freshmen. The main purpose of the workshop revolves around three main questions: What is volunteerism? Why should youth engage in volunteering activities? and How can youth start volunteering? Since volunteering is the pathway to enhance the working experience and a great way to learn or develop skills and interests. This workshop aims to encourage the target students to start discovering and developing their interests and talents in order to make a decision of choosing a major for their undergraduate degree. By volunteering, youth will get the idea of what they want to be and how to align their talents and skills toward the right path in university. The talk mainly focuses on talents and skills that students should be looking forward to developing when they do volunteer work.


“WHO AM I?” is a half-day workshop that offer a learning platform to 20 young college students to help them exploring their own potentials. The project emphasizes the importance of life-long learning while also offering an open-space for the participants to freely express themselves and exploring their own passion and future journey. Screening and selection are done through the participants’ willingness to disclose and active participation in the sessions. What’s next for them is to continue their further project, namely “With YOUth” which is a resource platform that allows young leaders to share their experiences, as well as advocate for community projects including their vision while simultaneously empowering youth generation by providing a resources platform to solve community challenges.

The Rights of LGBT

“The right of LGBT forum” is a half-day workshop. This workshop aims to discuss about the empowerment and enhancement of the right of LGBT in Cambodia. Indeed, this workshop is willing to share the platform of youth who have very convincing potential to join this event to spread what they have learned from our workshop through social engagement and development. They have reached out to 30% of participants as the expected impact. The participants are from different backgrounds, some of those are LGBT members. What they are going to do next for the sustainability of their project is continuing to raise awareness of our audience by posting quotes, pictures related to LGBT on their Facebook page. They will keep in touch with speakers, participants, and everyone who is a part of our event as well as the whole project team.

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